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Are you facing automotive lockout or any other automotive door lock problem? At Safes Service Los Angeles Automotive division, you will get the best automotive locksmith services to rescue you from any problematic vehicle door lock or even the ignition lock.

We have a team of the most qualified locksmiths who understand all types of locks used in automotive. Therefore, we will never be short of know-how when it comes to the following services.

1. Jammed Automotive Trunk

Often, the trunk might take you through endless nightmares. You don’t have to get worried because our experts will be there to unlock your trunk anytime. We always advise our clients to call us anytime the auto trunk cannot open no matter the time of day or night.

2. Jammed Automotive Switch/Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Another serious issue that is also frustrating is when the switch of your car is jammed. This can be the worst nightmare a client can face and therefore when you are facing it, you need an expert who can help. Safes Service Los Angeles is that expert for automotive switch unlocking and also replacement of the ignition cylinder. We are the best experts in town who will handle the issue promptly letting you drive off soon.

3. Rekeying Automotive Door Lock Keys

You don’t need to buy a new lock in case you have accidentally damaged the key that you have been using. Therefore, come to Safes Service Los Angeles and we will help you when it comes to making you another set of keys for your automotive.

4. Transponder Key Programming

Are you using the transponder key and need to hire an expert who can repair it? Note that for the transponder key to function, you must program it, and this should be done by an experienced locksmith. Come to Safes Service Los Angeles for transponder key programming.

Reasons why we are the Best Automotive Locksmith Services Provider

There are various reasons why we have always remained the number one choice for our customers. Here are some of the qualities you will find in us.

High Level of Integrity and Professionalism

We have trained our locksmiths to always practice a high level of discipline. Therefore, you will never experience bad relations with our staff because we believe in a high level of integrity and professionalism when serving our clients.

Fast and Qualified Service Delivery

Another quality entrenched in our DNA is high availability and fast response to our customers. Therefore, whenever you hire us, you can trust us when it comes to delivering top quality services.

Car Lockout


$15 Service Call Fee*

Trunk Lockout


$15 Service Call Fee*

Gas/Tires/Jump Start


$15 Service Call Fee*

Car Key Replacement


$15 Service Call Fee*

Car Key Duplication


$15 Service Call Fee*

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your Normal Business Hours?

We are a 24/7 automotive locksmith company and therefore, you can always count on us because our lines are always open and ready to take your requests. Therefore, we will serve you no matter the time when you call us including on the weekends and also holidays.

2. How long does it take To Get Served?

We always prioritize customer’s requests and therefore, we will serve you within a very short waiting time. In fact, we send our locksmiths your way immediately after you have called us.