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Everybody has trouble opening their safe from time to time. Sometimes, the lock may not open at all. The last thing you want is trying to figure out how to open your safe before your flight leaves in a few hours. These items are usually important and include passports, birth certificates, immigration papers, ID cards, passports, marriage certificates, and so on.

If you are unable to open your safe for any reason, there’s just one place you need to call: Safe Services Los Angeles. We have over nine years of experience opening locked safes for Los Angeles residents and are available 24/7 to help you no matter what issue you may be having with your safe.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Technicians

Our technicians have lots of experience with safes and how to handle them in case they stop working. We can send our ‘smiths out to meet you in less than 20 minutes most of the time, even in crazy LA traffic. When they come your location, they will first assess the problem to see what’s wrong with the lock unit.

Then they will come up with a strategy to fix your safe and get it working right again. Our technicians have worked on thousands of safes so they know what they’re talking about if they feel that they will need more time or different equipment to get the job done fast and right.

Our Common Safe Services:

  • Safe Lock Replacement
  • Opening Safe
  • Broken Safe Repair
  • Safe Removal Service
  • Safe Security Check

Our Mobile Service Goodies

Safes Service Los Angeles is a mobile service that comes to you if you’re unable to open your safe. Our technicians come with all the equipment they will need to get your safe working right again. Their safe opening equipment includes dials, holds and jump boxes to open electronic locks. Because we care about you and we want to ensure that we meet your needs first.

Getting repeat business is more important to us than all the money in the world. Therefore, expect that we’ll show up on time, have our materials ready, are prepared to work on your specific job, and do a great job that you’ll tell your family and friends about. Because happy customers contribute to a happy business life.

The Safes Service Los Angeles Experience

Our technicians are some of the most flexible, hardworking people you’ll ever meet. They’re available at the drop of a hat, and they’ll work tirelessly to make your life easier. Because we are open 24 hours a day, and we prioritize your service call above everything else. If we don’t respond to your call for help, then we haven’t succeeded at our goals. So if you need a fast service that will get the job done without the hassle of waiting, call Safes Service Los Angeles today at (818) 272-8549.